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Being: the ideal world
Now more necessary and easier to realise than ever
The development of Being: the only way to Being

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The content of Being


Being is consciously being one with the Whole, life itself, God, nature and the Will thereof which can’t be known but which can be experienced as the impuls to manifestation in the here and now, of that what happens spontaneously.


Being is being who you really are, is being one with your True Self that is the observer, the awareness, of your thoughts and feelings, that knows you have thoughts and feelings. Being is experienced as being perfectly free and responsible, being and doing the (absolute) Good, being wise, being in balance, being the middle, being perfect, being in harmony, being fulfilled, being truth, being in the here and now, being divine, being life itself, being nature (sustainably). In short, Being experiences life as infinitely simple.

260px-Spinoza Nicolas_Dings_Zwanenburgwal_Amsterdam1The fact that Being is and experiences all this implies that nothing needs to be done in order to Be. That the sought meaning of life has been found. That the Enlightenment that Spinoza inter alia began to develop has been completed. That heaven on earth or Gods kingdom, which the religions have been seeking for, has been realised. That the truth that the religions and science have been seeking, has been found. That the true reality that philosophy and the unified field that physics have been seeking for have been found. That the ideal world we have been striving for since the beginning of our existence has been realised.




The following gives you a bit more insight in Being.

Being is:

  • The aim of evolution, of life itself
  • The goal that any human being consciously or unconsciously strives for
  • The goal of spiritual development
  • The essential goal of any training, coaching or spiritual assistance
  • Being one with the Whole, with life, with God, and the unconditional surrender to its Will which cannot be known but can be experienced as the impulse to manifest in the here and now, as that which happens by itself in the now
  • Being and doing the (absolute) Good
  • Being perfect
  • Being perfectly free and responsible
  • The solution to problems before they appear
  • The experience of life as infinitely simple
  • Being free of suffering of pain Invulnerable
  • The state wherein all fundamental questions have been answered
  • Perfectly flexible and perfectly steadfast
  • The perfect ability to change
  • Perfectly detached and concerned
  • Internally free, unprejudiced, without dogma, through which Being can manifest itself in many ways
  • Not an attitude and manner
  • Being free of the notion that you have good and bad qualities
  • Not possible to realise with any method that works on feelings, thoughts or behaviour
  • The meditative state that can’t be realised by meditating
  • No mentally worked out and thus unstable and shakeble state of being, but an unshakable state
  • Being truth (the absolute Good) instead of having truth
  • The perfect meaningfulness
  • Being one with the world and therefore your best contribution to the world Is not the same as acting from mind, heart and/or intuition
  • The state of griplesness
  • Being perfectly certain without being certain about anything
  • Perfect leadership, unbiased leadership
  • Being fulfilled and therefore being free of desire, hope and expectation
  • Being total and by that being unattached to part, to form, to body, to “having”
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