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Being: the ideal world
Now more necessary and easier to realise than ever
The development of Being: the only way to Being

Development of Being: the only Way to Being

to-be-or-not-to-be350x270-hoogTo be or not to be? That is the question, put into words by William Shakespeare through Hamlet, that we have been asking ourselves since the beginning of our existence, because it is already that long that we have been aspiring to the perfection, the wholeness, the ideal world, of our Being (that which we really are), of our To Be.

Unique crisis.
Because of our not-Being, better known as our ego, we have tried to realise this Being with many dogmatic (false) truths, coming especially from religious, ideological and scientific institutions. We have been doing this on the presumption that life and thus Being can be made (by norms, values, etc.). However, the ego is the prisoner of the material realm or the duality, and is thus in the state of unbalance that is ultimately self-destructive (apocalyptic). The present megacrises, that even threaten our survival as a human race, are a consequence of this. This unique crisis makes realisation of Being more necessary than ever.

Unique opportunity.
This realisation would be a mission impossible, were it not for the unique opportunity that these crises comprise. This opportunity might well be called a quantum leap in the evolution of mankind. We have this opportunity because the idea that we can make everything, including ourselves, has begun to lose its hold on people. Resulting in the fact that more than ever people want to be free of dogmas, to be themselves, and are in search of their Being (that which they really are).

Partly because of this , the realisation of our Being, our To Be, is not only more necessary, but also easier than ever, so we can finally get started.

The Development of Being is missing in society.
The Development of Being of NLbe is the only way to Being and thus pre-eminently the way to realise Being. However, the ego and so the will to control life and as such also the realisation of Being is still dominant even in the (new) spiritual world. That is why the Development of Being, which surrenders to life itself because it is controled by life itself, is still missing in society. NLbe calls this phase in the evolution of mankind the pre-phase of Development of Being. In the light of the preceding it may have become clear that it is crucial that we leave this phase as soon as possible and actually start working on Development of Being. That is why NLbe implements and supports this Development in society and aspires to make the Netherlands leading in the world with regard to its application.


Cor 200x272Welcome at the website of NLbe, the Netherlands institute for the development of being.
I am Cor Bijl*, the founder of NLbe. I have created this website for the promotion of development of being in society. To achieve this end I am focussing primarily on the Netherlands. That is why the English version of this site has a limited content compared to the Dutch version. The English version gives an understanding of the content, development and importance of Being, and gives information about NLbe itself and its products.


* Pronounce Bijl as Bile.


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