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Being: the ideal world
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The development of Being: the only way to Being

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Are religious expressions the Will of God?

The ego is separated from God and his Will. Moreover, the ego is trapped in matter, in form. Therefore the ego can only identify God with religious expressions or forms as headscarves, ritual slaughter, going to church, etc. But being one with God, which is Being, is not a way of doing so, is not a form. As long as people have not realised their Being their religious expression is the will of their ego (the known will) and not the Will of God (the unknown Will). Noted that also the will of the ego is determined by God. This with the intention to make man aware of the fact that he is determined by his ego and the will thereof and so not by God's Will. And further noting that the Will of Being, of God, can express manifestations which are similar to religious manifestations. The big difference is that, in contrary to Being, the ego identifies itself with, is attached to, its manifestations and acts from inner disharmony instead of harmony. This is why the ego causes misery such as religious wars, killing infidels, witches, gays, adulterers, offenders of the Prophet, etc.

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