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Being: the ideal world
Now more necessary and easier to realise than ever
The development of Being: the only way to Being

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Coaching of the individual


Being is being one with the True Self, the observer of thoughts and feelings which is free of matter, of duality, of thoughts and feelings. Being is therefore being one, being perfect, being perfectly free and responsible. It is the ideal man is striving for since the beginning of his existence.


The evolution proceeds from being trapped in matter to being free thereof. Or in other words, from ego to Being, from being imperfect to being perfect. Nowadays the realisation of Being is easier than ever. The reason is the fact that people get rid of the dogmas of the traditionally established institutions, which results in the possibility and the will to be themselves and the search for who they really are.

What is the purpose of the coaching of NLbe?

The individual coaching in the Development of Being of NLbe coaches you to and on the by life itself organized and guided Way that leads to Being. For more insight, see the content of Being, the development and the importance of Being. The coaching consists of an introspective conversation with the aim to achieve the following:

  1. To understand the ego and the True Self. What are they and what are they doing?
  2. To become aware of the functioning of the ego and the True Self in actual life experiences.
  3. To become aware that life itself does nothing else but realising Being and that it determines the Way towards it (Being cannot be engineered by manmade methods)
  4. To become aware of the mental constructions, the dogmas, that are blocking the development of Being.
  5. To become aware of the feelings that create these mental constructions.
  6. To consciously admit the feelings to the intrinsic point of liberation, of the Light of the True Self.
  7. To experience the help that life offers in the way to this liberation.
  8. To become aware and experience that both body and mind are instruments that life uses in the Development of Being. In other words, every experience, however painfull, is meant for this development.
  9. To deal with the experience according to the Development of Being. The Development of Being is the basis of healing and curing.
  10. To become aware of the spiritual blockades, like being incapable to allow inner help, to meet the overwhelming inner Light or to trust the Will of your True Self / the Whole / God.
  11. To experience the True Self and the Will thereof as a result of the liberation of (getting free from) thoughts and feelings. A Will that cannot be known but can be experienced (not equal to intuition).
  12. To apply Development of Being by yourself and by doing so to follow the Way to Being by yourself.
  13. To experience the consciousness leaps existing of being part, being part of the whole and being whole on the Way to Being.
  14. To become one with the True Self, to realise Being.
  15. To surrender to the Will of the True Self no matter the consequences.

The coaching does not guarantee that you realise Being because that is reserved for life itself that determines the Way to Being. In other words, life itself determines when and what experiences you need and when those experiences are no longer needed. The only thing you need to do therefore is to live on and apply Development of Being on your experiences. When you are able to do that, you are on the Way to Being.

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